Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reunion of Retired and Former Employees of Abilene Police Department

Retired and former law enforcement officers have a special connection. They like to get together for fellowship and to tell "old war stories" from their past.
The 19th annual reunion of Retired and Former Employees of The Abilene Police Department   was held on Friday, June 25, 2010 at the Abilene Civic Center.
Retired Taylor County Sheriff Jack Dieken and Rachel Valdez,
wife of Retired APD Officer Richard Valdez
Retired Chief and Mrs. Melvin Martin:
Chief Martin is the Immediate Past President of Texas Police Chief's Association
Rafe Harshberger and Richard Valdez
Eva Pelton and her son. It was my pleasure to have worked
with Eva. She is the oldest living member of the Retired and
Former Employees of the APD. Mrs. Pelton worked both
Parking Meters and School Crossings.
Dick Dorough and Jimmy Trickett are both currently living in Arkansas.
Alfred Schaffner serves as Chaplain for the
Retired and Former Officers of APD.

President, Gene Keesee and Chief of Police, Stan Standridge
J.C. and Louise Jones: On my first night on duty with APD, I was assigned
to walk the Chestnut Street Beat with J.C. Jones. We became very close friends.
We spent many hours walking and digging through junk yards. We
brought home a lot of perfectly good junk, the value of which , our wives
were unable to recognize.
19th Annual Reunion at Abilene Civic Center:  All the above photos
are courtesy of Richard Valdez.  I am sorry that it was not possible
to post a photo of every person present at the reunion.
This was the 2nd year that Shirley and I have missed the reunion of Retired and Former Employees of the Abilene Police Department due to illness. My health had improved and it appeared that we would be able to make the trip to Abilene. We had made our reservations for the reunion and I was very excited about visiting with old friends. I was looking forward to this reunion due to the fact that due to age of our members and health of some, including myself, that it could possibly be the last time I would see some or all of these friends. My boyhood dream was to become an Abilene Police Motor Officer. My years with the Abilene Police Department are some of the most important of my life. It was while serving as an Abilene Police Motor Officer that I met and married Shirley who has been with me for 54 years. Shirley and I were both born in Abilene.

I am looking forward to the 20th Annual Reunion next year and pray that my health will allow me to make the trip to Abilene. We hope to see you there!

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