Monday, October 18, 2010

The Birth Control Chamber

Looking Back – The Birth Control Chamber
By J. Bryan Wasson

I should call this “Looking Back” column “Looking Forward” because my mind has conceived the most brilliant birth control method of the future. The applications for this technology are limitless and go far beyond birth control. This technology could also be used as an alternative to the death penalty which should please those opposed to this type of punishment.  I call this discovery, “The Birth Control Chamber.” It could likewise be called, “The Punishment Chamber, “The Execution Chamber,” etc.

I can explain both the means by which I made this discovery and the methodology for implementation in one story:

Our great grandson, Jessie just turned eight. Our granddaughter, Tara rented the indoor swimming pool at a local motel in Decatur, Texas to have a birthday party for Jessie. The room in which this indoor swimming pool is located is rather small in comparison to many such areas that I have encountered. It is no larger than 120’ X 90’. The walls and ceiling of this swimming pool area are all of concrete and tile. The echo capabilities of such construction are self evident.

When you put 18 screaming, water splashing second graders in this confined echo chamber, the noise level is far beyond that which could be measured on any decibel reading meter or any sound system that could ever be devised by the human mind.

I believe that if any young newly wed couple were placed in this echo chamber for 45 minutes to one hour that the trauma to their central nervous system would be so disastrous that they would not have the ability to ever consider having children.

The other possible applications for this simple, extremely basic yet futuristic scientific technology are endless.

Oct. 18, 2010, JBW