Thursday, May 9, 2013

National Police Week

This week is National Police Week and in light of the recent events in March 2013 involving the killer of Tom Clements, head of Colorado Prison system, who also shot a Montage County Deputy and fired on dozens of Wise County police personnel and then ultimately was killed in a shoot out in Decatur, Texas- I'd like to say thank you to all law enforcement personnel for taking the oath to Protect & Serve. My Mom (Shirley Wasson), my niece (Delise White who is a Wise County Jailer) & I attended the Taylor County Law Enforcement Memorial Service on May 1st. There have been several years we've attended that we have had some connection to the state roll call. Of course the Abilene officers, Jeff McCoy & Rodney Holder are always close to our hearts, as Daddy was formerly Abilene PD. Then there was Wes Hardy, a Plano Motor Officer who grew up in Wise County; Randy White, a Bridgeport Police officer; and most recently our family friend, David Slayton, a Trooper from Montague County. Thank God that we didn't see the name of James Boyd, Montague County Deputy who was shot on March 21, 2013. I was honored to once again answer roll call for my Grandfather, Deputy Jessie Bryan "Jake" Wasson, Sr. and I count it a privilege to be a part of the law enforcement family. by Donna Bean

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